Dive into the story of how Amber Maiani is transforming HR with her innovative approach and true dedication.

Efficiency Meets Expertise

Your Human Resources and Payroll Department

With deep knowledge of your industry and multifaceted expertise, EVENTURE brings solutions and strategy to all areas of your business – with innovation, efficiency, and your competitive edge at the forefront.


Focus on your business let us handle your HR and payroll functions.

As an extension to your business, Eventure embeds seamlessly with your team to provide tailored human resource and payroll services to ensure compliance and take the fear out of potential HR-related failures. Eventure is an essential service for peace of mind and business success.

As an Eventure client, you get all the human resources and payroll support from our dedicated team of experts.

Total Human Capital Management

Eventure offers a comprehensive human resources solution designed to enhance your company’s growth. Our service includes everything from streamlined onboarding and effective risk management to managing leaves and improving employee performance. We also excel in recruiting top talent and ensuring workplace safety, which contributes to a better work environment. Additionally, Eventure provides learning opportunities that foster innovation and support technology use to make HR tasks more efficient. This program aims to transform your HR operations into a strategic asset, setting you apart from the competition.

Comprehensive Payroll Management

Eventure simplifies payroll management for your company. Our service manages everything from detailed payroll processing to delivering timely paychecks. We also handle year-end tax filings and benefit deductions efficiently. Beyond the basics, Eventure provides detailed reports directly to you, ensuring you have everything you need for peace of mind. This allows you to focus on growing your business while they take care of the payroll complexities.